Buddy’s Buddies Adoption Program

Buddy’s Buddies was founded over 10 years ago, in the name of our late clinic cat Buddy. Buddy was a Buddy with Buddies Jarstray himself and found love at the clinic from not just the staff, but all the clients as well.  Buddy lived at Guildcrest Cat Hospital to the old age of 22. Since then many unfortunate cats have passed through our doors, to be cared for and to eventually find their forever homes.

All the cats in our Buddy Buddies Adoption Program have come to us from various situations. Some are older cats whose owners are unable to care for them for various reasons. Others, unexpected litters, or stray cats brought in by clients who want them to find a great home. Once in our care, whatever their background may be, they all go through the same process before being deemed ready to adopt out.

Each cat is thoroughly examined, vaccinated, tested. If necessary, they are treated for worms, parasites and for fleas. Blood work is done to test for Feline Aids and Leukemia and if the cat is over 4 months of age, they are spayed or neutered. Once deemed healthy and fit to go to a new home, we put them up for adoption on our website. Each applicant goes through a screening process and the adoptive parents are chosen based on the needs of each individual cat.

As we all know, there are thousands of stray and unwanted pets on the streets of our city. It takes time, money and dedication to care for these cats. We do our very best to help as many cats as we can. In order to provide the best quality of care to each of our Buddy’s Buddies cats we are only able to take cats in on a case by case basis. This depends largely on the funding we receive from the community as well as our availability to house these cats. If you have found a cat that is stray or unwanted, please contact us before bringing the cat in. If you would like to donate to this excellent cause you can stop into the clinic to visit with Buddy’s Buddies, or you can visit our go fund me page at

Kitties that are available for adoption are listed on our website. We update this regularly. If you are interested in a cat for adoption please give us a call to make an appointment to meet with the available cat and fill out an adoption application.


Available for Adoption

These are the cats that we currently have available for adoption. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment to meet with one of our cats, should you be interested in adopting one.


5 years old ● Domestic Shorthair ● Black & White ● Male, Neutered ●Vaccinated ● Healthy

Alfie 4 Alfie3 Alfie6

Hi! My name is Alfie. All I really want to do is have fun! I used to board at Guildcrest while my family went on vacation, and I just loved it so much. There are just so many people and place to explore, and I always get my very own room. I get along great with the staff and the clients. We do fun things, like when I jump on them when they’re not looking so that we can cuddle, or when we use the computer together – I sit in front of the screen so that they have to guess where the mouse is!  Sometimes, when I don’t feel like hanging out with the humans, I go and explore all the places of the clinic – I’ve even been found wandering in the ceiling! I’m clever and know how to watch the doors so that I can escape up front to see the clients.

I do like to visit Guildcrest, but there are too many other cats here for me, I’m kind of a solitary guy. I really liked my home too. My parents gave me to Guildcrest when they realized that they had been travelling often, they didn’t feel like it was fair to me to have to go back and forth so often. So now I live here, I do like it, but it’s a little too stressful for me. I’d love to find another home, one without other cats, a place where I can sit in the sun and claim my place as King of the Chesterfield. I want a good human, one who likes to cuddle and doesn’t care if I nibble them a little when I get excited. Please come in and meet me. I absolutely LOVE to get visitors and I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Alfie