Month: June 2016

June is Weight Awareness Month at GCH!

June is Weight Awareness Month at GCH!

Here at Guildcrest Cat Hospital our goal is to promote a healthy weight and lifestyle, while educating you and your cats on the importance of weight management.


Throughout the entire month of June, we will be offering $20 weight assessments for your cat to ensure that they are as healthy as possible! The assessments will include:


  •     A Weight Check
  •     An Assessment of your Cats Body Score
  •     A Personalized Feeding and Weight Monitoring Guide
  •     Information on Weight Loss Diets
  •     Handouts on Weight Loss Activities that can be done at home
  •     A Toy to help get them started on their journey to achieve or maintain a healthy    weight


Why is Weight Management so Important?

Obesity is now recognized as a disease state. On its own, obesity causes physical and respiratory discomfort but can also lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Overweight cats cannot groom themselves properly which can lead to skin and bladder infections.

As in humans, most cats develop arthritis with age (cats are most affected in their hips, knees, elbows and spine). Excess body weight worsens the daily pain of arthritis. Weight loss reduces the load on those painful joints and reduces the need for anti inflammatory medication.

Weight Loss Diets

At GCH we try and stock as many options for dry and wet cat food that will help them lose or maintain their ideal weight. We know how picky cats can be so feel free to ask for Free Samples of any of our dry diets in June.

Our most popular weight loss diets are:

Royal Canin’s Satiety (Dry Only)

Royal Canin’s Calorie Control (Dry and Wet)

Hill’s Metabolic (Dry + various flavours of Wet)

Purina Veterinary Diet OM (Dry and wet)

Click on the diet you like to know more about to read about diets directly from the supplier’s website!

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